Our Special Personalized Picks for You!

Our Special Personalized Picks for You!

Things are not merely things. The things we bring into our lives have a deeper meaning for us. We identify with them, cherish them and gain momentary happiness from owning them.

That’s why we’ve made it our personal goal and a promise to you, to bring the best of the best selections to your inbox. Here are our picks for you this week and we hope you like them.

1. Bespoke Pen III

Bespoke Pen

Writing instruments have always been a collector’s favourites but in the digital age now, even more so. We keep our most special pens reserved for special occasions – signing a new big contract, writing an application essay to our dream university or putting our name down on a lifelong agreement called the marriage certificate. This bespoke pen, handcrafted in exotic wood and steampunk gear patterns in polished brass is set to be your next lucky pen.

2. Laughing Buddha Earrings

Laughing Buddha Earrings

Always happy, the symbol of wealth and prosperity the Laughing Buddha is a warm sight in homes and official establishments. This deity of the Eastern Philosophy is as much a religious figure, as a revered item of décor. Now take your love for this cheery harbinger of fortune by wearing it in the form of prized jewellery. As the Laughing Buddha has always been a favourite item for gifting, these earrings also make for a precious present for your wife, girlfriend or best friend.

3. Glass Dome Body Lamp

Glass Dome Body Lamp

Today and historically, Italy has been the centre for arts, culture and handcrafted prized artefacts. The people of this European State have been purveyors in the world of fashion, style and finer things of life. Caserta, this glass dome body lamp is an embodiment of this spirit. 100% made in Italy, by the hands of professional artisans in super fine glass dome and porcelain body. The base is made of high quality brass that is intricately carved and the brilliant use of lustres and pastel white brings out its allure. The golden art on white is mesmerizing. This lamp will lend an exotic touch to your bedroom while uplifting its mood.

4. Hand & Foot Prints Engraved Silver Cufflinks

Hand & Foot Prints Engraved Silver Cufflinks

There are few things in life as momentous and joyous as the arrival of a new born in your family. The celebrations call for get-togethers, big family gatherings and showering the baby and her parents with many fancy gifts! The daddies do tend to get slightly ignored in these times, so any gifts they receive deserve to be a little extra special. And what could be more special and precious than the tiny toes and fingers of their bundle of joy on an accessory they can wear every day and even to work! A classic round design in sterling silver, these cufflinks are a keepsake. As your baby grows into a toddler, teen and adult, these hands and feet imprinted cufflinks will forever remind you of the first time you held them in your arms.

5. Paper Dial Watch – Gold

Paper Dial Watch – Gold

Inspired by the beauty of nature and whimsical childhood dreams, the ‘Dial Watch’ comes in two finishes – Gold & Rose Gold. The charm of this unique accessory lies in its innovative creation, using traditional paper-cutting techniques to convey the delicate beauty of nature in a timepiece. This one-of-a-kind watch is delivered with two straps – navy blue & cream – so you can transform your wrist to match the colours of the season.

Hope you liked our selections for you this week! To find (or create) more such goodies, head over to icustommadeit.com and shop your heart out!

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