Six Personalized Navratri Fashion Accessories For Men And Women

Personalized Navratri Fashion

The nine nights of fun, frolic, festivities and FASHION are around the corner, and we are sure you have at least started to make mental notes of what kind of ethnics you want to flaunt this joyous time of the year. Now while shopping for vibrant clothes is a festive routine for most, what is maddening to the limit is shopping for sets of accessories that match each of your ensembles.

So this season, give the crazy job of picking out 9 sets of accessories for 9 traditional dresses a break, and invest in versatile ones that will boost the visual appeal of all your ethnic clothes, and in no way, will dull you out!

To make it even easier for you, we have come up with six personalized fashion accessories for men and women (three for each), that are versatile and will make you look like trendsetters of ethnic fashion this Navratri.



  1. A Nose Pin To Make You Look Like A Mystic Poetry


The kind of nose pin you choose defines the kind of Indian style you want to pull off. The featured nose pin will enhance the charm of your confident personality. It will give a royal touch to no matter what style of clothes you wear. With such a sharp yet graceful design, you are sure to feel complete and connected to your inner power. Also, a nose pin is probably the tiniest accessory that gives you a captivating makeover. And what can be a better time to unleash your gorgeous side than the glowing Nav-Ratriyan!



  1. Wear The Mood Of Garba With A Clutch That Complements All Your Lehenga-Choli Sets


Are you one of the ones who picks out nine different lehenga-choli sets for all nine nights, but hates to break head over finding a matching clutch that your essential carry-ons and fashion conscious mind yearns for? This vibrant clutch, with attention-grabbing embroidery work will never bore out the beholders, and most importantly, it has got all the basic, vivid hues to suit most of your ethnics this Navratri.


  1. Look Festive To Feel Festive With Visually Striking Earrings


Use of vividly-hued stones augments the richness exuding from these earrings. Team these with your stylish ethnics for an enhanced festive glow. Plus, these will complement traditional dresses of most colours.




  1. This Timepiece That Seems Like Nature’s Blessing


This Navratri, give a personal touch to your vivacious ethnic ensembles with a timepiece which, thanks to its wooden craft, seems like nature’s blessing.


  1. Go Ethnic Through And Through With A Ganapati Design Wallet


If Navratri is the only time in the year when you wear ethnics, then why not do it right? What we mean is that this time of the year, switch for every accessory that is ethnic, and by every accessory, we mean even your wallet! For these nine nights and ten days, feel yourself very much surrounded by auspicious Navratri vibes by gifting yourself this traditional wallet, featuring an artful, hand-painted Ganapati design.


  1. One-Of-A-Kind Kolhapuris To Match All Ethnic Styles


Go full ethnic in your garba kedia-dhoti or opt a sober look in kurta-pyjama; men too have a plethora of choices when it comes to Navratri fashion. And the best part is, a pair of outstanding Kolhapuris can go with any sort of ethnic wear you wish to don! The featured Kolhapuris are creative with intricate details, and will definitely amplify the fun in spinning, and clicking dandiya sticks!


For everything else on your shopping list for Navratri, don’t forget to visit iCustomMadeIt– our online store of all customized creations.


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