Renovating Your Home This Diwali? Check Out These Pocket Friendly Ideas for a Charming Makeover!

Renovating Your Home This Diwali


That time of the year has come when we refurbish our homes and give them the most awaited makeover. Check out these amazing tips for renovating your home this Diwali.

  1. India Inspired Cushion Covers

Cushion Covers

Small changes create the biggest impact. Case in point? Cushion covers!

Whether you want to give your old sofa an instant lift or want to find the best accompaniments to newly purchased drawing room furniture, cushion covers come to rescue every time. No matter if your walls went from an earthy neutral to a bright hue – simply change your cushion clothing (yes, that’s a euphemism) to complement the new change! Light on pocket yet big on impact, this is one super easy way to shake up the energies of your home.

Starting with INR 650/-

  1. Attractive Wall Decals

Wall Decals

Texture is out, stickers are in. In a fast changing world, you should also have the flexibility to revamp your home’s walls according to new trends. We’ve come a long way from permanent texturing and stone murals on walls that take a long time to make, create a mess and cost a fortune! Enter wall decals – a simple, cost effective and fuss free way to give your walls a whole new look and that too all by your own expertise. And the best part is these are completely customizable to match the tone of your home, so you are only limited by your imagination!

Starting INR 599/-

  1. Antique Artefacts

Antique Artefacts

The more we move forward and advanced we become, the more we cherish the good old times. It’s simply human nature to look back with nostalgia. And an easy way to rejoice in the comforts of the old is by surrounding yourself with beautiful artefacts that hark back to those times. Like this antique (ancient!) piece of telephony. Long before iPhones and Galaxy Notes, there used to be a now extinct species of phones that were manned by (gasp!) human operators! Give it a couple of decades and these will become collectors’ items. So it only makes sense to get one today! What would the chat bots say?

Price INR 1344/-

  1. Festive Hand-Painted Trays

Hand-Painted Trays

Diwali means guests. Lots of guests. When guests come bearing gifts, the least we can do is offer them yummy refreshments and indulge in some quality bonding time. These moments of light-hearted tete-a-tete with your friends and family deserve a special treatment, like these festive hand-painted serving trays. Get your handcrafted trays with custom designs painted to your liking and give your guests something to talk about!

Starting INR 1199/-

  1. Warmth Inducing Tea Kettles


Flowing cups of tea, scrumptious cookies and hot snacks – these are the things chilled out evenings are made of. Make tea-time extra fun with accompaniments such as these sophisticated handcrafted kettles. Available in plethora of designs, each unique and beautiful on its own, our kettles collection will leave you spoilt for choice and wanting them all! We suggest you start with at least two, one for yourself and one for your favourite chai time gossip buddy!

Starting INR 1750/-

  1. Traditional Cutwork Lanterns


 And now for the last, but definitely not the least – lantern lamps! For what is Diwali without a multitude of lighting options to decorate every corner of your home? While tea lights in your balcony light up the exteriors of your house, use these intricately carved Moroccan Lantern Lamps in calming colours to brighten the shy crooks and bends of your interiors in the most magical way. These lamps do make perfect Diwali gifts, too!

Price INR 875/- per piece

And, of course, don’t forget to visit our gallery of home décor accessories at iCustomMadeIt.

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