How Name Personalization Makes Your Everyday Objects Truly Special

Name Personalization

“Your name is your identity,” would be an obvious statement to make, but in the materialistic world, it is quite a hit. Puzzled? Name personalized objects are a classic success and mainly because of the wide significance they hold. A signature personalized card holder for your office desk establishes your influential status well and at the same time, a chic initials’ engraved pendant becomes your daily, personal style statement. Be it keychains, coffee mugs, mobile cases, or any such essentials; with name personalization, these also serve as unique keepsakes and memorable pieces. And these are just a few of the instances where name personalized products are seen as a standard choice. Following are 9 examples that show how name personalization makes your everyday objects truly special.


  1. 3D printed iPhone case personalized with signature

3D printed mobile cases are rapidly becoming a popular pick for iPhones. Up the aesthetic appeal of your chosen 3D printed case by styling it with your signature. What could be a more luxuriously satisfying accessory for your fancy phone, really?

3D printed iPhone case


  1. Personalized necklace/bracelets- Your daily style companion

Personalized necklace/braceletsWith a name personalized accessory, you are presented with your very own style statement. Be it a bracelet fashioned with an artistic representation of your name or a pendant engraved with initials; personalized accessories become your daily style companion.


  1. Name engravings to give wedding bands an enhanced romantic feel

Wedding bands are symbolic of lifetime companionship. Celebrate yours by giving your wedding jewellery a special touch with name engraving of your life partner. And maybe augment its sentimental appeal with fingerprint engraving?

Name engravings


  1. A creative wallet with hand-carved signature

A hand-crafted leather wallet adorned with an artistic design and stylized, hand-carved signature would be an ideal pick for loved ones who fancy all-things creative.

A creative wallet


  1. Imperial belt with stylized name initials on buckles

5. Imperial belt

Belts are integral to a man’s daily ensemble, and hence, it only makes sense to own the best ones from the lot. An impeccable leather belt adorned with a custom buckle that features name initials in a decorative style- Yeah, that’s the kind of stuff we are talking about.

  1. Personalized cufflinks to add class to your collection

Personalized cufflinks

Whoever thought that the accessory section in men’s fashion universe consists only of shoe racks and belts didn’t ever give importance to the style power of cufflinks. Tiniest of accessories like cufflinks can play a major role in polishing a man’s overall look. And with a hint of personalization, these exquisite things become your special possessions.


  1. Business card holders styled with your signature

Business card holders

Essential office table accessories, like a business card holder, bring an aura of luxury and sophistication to your space when styled with signature engraving.


  1. A cute pet tag with your pet’s name on it

8. A cute pet tag

While a name engraving on your pet’s collar tag will augment the adorability of your fur ball, adding your phone number to the same will serve as a smart identity feature. It’s an impressive way to keep your pet safe and overloaded with cuteness.

  1. The beauty of name personalized keychains

personalized keychains

Be it a key chain engraved with the name of a favourite TV series or with the name of a dear one, it’s not uncommon for all of us to keep our keys linked to something that is favourite to our heart. With artistic name personalization, keychains can be made to epitomize memory and fondness.

Personalization gives a sentimental touch to daily use objects, thus, making them close to our hearts. So, what keeps you waiting? Browse through iCustomMadeIt and make your favourite object bespoke with a special name in just a few, easy-to-follow steps.

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