This Mother’s Day, here are the 4 types of Children that Mothers Deal With

This Mother’s Day, it’s time we had a conversation about the type of child you are. Let’s be honest. Most Indian children take their overworked mothers for granted. And while this day should be focused on the awesomeness of moms everywhere, we want to talk about it indirectly by focusing on the nonsense she has to put up with.

The Mama’s Boy/Girl

This one is for the spoilt kids. (Yes, you. You know I mean you.) Their mothers do everything for them. They just sit around, waving like a monarch, drunk on lemonade and too much love. They have no idea how a washing machine works or how to make a simple cup of tea. When they leave home, they live in unwashed clothes and eat takeout and Maggi. But just think of the amount of effort your mom is taking. To feed (their favourite food), clothe and run after a grown-up who should be self-sufficient. (I know it’s nice to be taken care of when you’re home for the holidays but let’s face it we don’t give our mothers enough credit for this effort.)

The Cranky Child

You definitely have seen this type in a supermarket. I hope you weren’t one of them. (If you were, well I’m sure you grew out of it). This is the child that lies down and cries, kicking their feet demanding a fizzy drink that is bad for their teeth. Imagine how embarrassed and harried the mother must feel. Whether a kid is very cranky or not, everyone goes through phases and your mother probably had to be everything from a lawyer, negotiating with you to make you eat your lunch to a cook, creating delicious dishes to a doctor, cleaning scrapes and bandaging wounds.

The Bookworm

This section is about the lovable nerds with their noses in a book, always. If not for your nagging mother, you would have skipped many meals and missed out on great desserts. She may have bugged you about going outside but she also got you more books, even when you didn’t ask. And when you explain your sci-fi novels to her, she listens even though it all sounds like a load of nonsense to her. You have to admire her patience and how she manages to listen while doing a hundred other things.

The Accident-Prone Child

You were the kid who always managed to find something to trip over. Or the one who swallowed coins on a dare. Your poor mother probably never had a moment’s peace always wondering what the next injury would be. You’ve probably broken bones while attempting to jump on a tree from the balcony. And your long-suffering mother was the one who fed you your meals because of your broken arm. You have probably scared her with your escapades, at least a few dozen times, yet she always waves goodbye enthusiastically, telling you to have fun. The next time you want to try a wheelie, think of your poor mother.

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