If You Love All Things Vintage, You Must Watch This!

Love for all things vintage

ABSYNTHE – Love For All Things Vintage

Vintage designs have an everlasting quality that withstand the test of time. Rather than going out of style, vintage things tend to acquire more value over the years and turn into items that are treasured.


Mr. Abhishek Basak is a rare creative person with gifted talent and craftsmanship, who can not only re-engineer but also recreate the magic of vintage in modern design language. The chief designer & founder of the Delhi based studio Absynthe Design, talks about his passion of making wonderfully handcrafted jewellery, pens, gadget covers and just about anything else with gears & machinery components sourced from antique watches’ mechanisms. His story and his creations are simply inspiring and elevating!

iCustomMadeIt is proud to on-board this marvellous designer on its custom-goods marketplace. Watch and be amazed!





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