Knowing The Creator Of Aesthetic Furniture Designs- FM Arts

FM Arts

“I was 17/18, when I first started to visit different villages and cities with my uncle to collect unique furniture pieces. We would also collect broken furniture pieces. After giving an end-to-end renewed look to the furniture, we would sell it. And this regular practice set the foundation of FM Arts.”

– recalls Farooq Khan, head of FM Arts.

Collecting, Transforming and Selling- These three pillars shaped his exciting business. And eventually, an artisan team joined the creators. At FM Arts, creativity is the religion they swear by. It is on the roots of creativity that the business has continued to flourish since 1999, when it first took off.

FM Arts


“To celebrate the success of FM Arts since its launch, I created a rough wood brick wall in my display showroom.” The wood wall stands as a testament to the devotion of Mr. Farooq towards the art of creating and styling aesthetic furniture. “It’s a memorable thing.”- he adds.

“Clients would come and ask for copies of a chair or a table and I would get the duplicates made.”

Clients demand, FM Arts craft. Chiselling, carving, and polishing to create dream furniture pieces keep their creative juices flowing. They craft sturdy, timeless pieces out of Mahogany, Rosewood and other popular furniture woods.



Creativity Spotted. Swoops in iCustomMadeIt.

The sheer passion for woodwork and the glorious work FM Arts has been doing caught the eye of iCustomMadeIt. In the ever-transforming world of today, for more and more people that are showing interest in giving a uniquely impressive touch to their abodes, we realized FM Arts has got all that it takes to fulfil a buyer’s creative demands. Through iCustomMadeIt, FM Arts now has a wider customer base, and buyers can directly connect with the creators to get their unique pieces made.

Watch the creator’s story from the creator himself here.



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