Jewellery That Tells Your Story

The accessories you wear make you who you are. Every sparkle, every twist and every colour are expressions of yourself. Jewellery is one of the finer ways to shout out how you feel that day. Whether it is a day when you feel elegant or a day when you feel funky, a day when all you see is black or a day when everything is edgy, there is a piece for the you that you feel like. There is also jewellery for the you that you want to be, especially on days of big interviews and pressure-filled meetings. Wear what you feel, whether it is happiness, confidence, annoyance or sadness. It is on you to own that look. Here’s presenting jewellery from our latest line on, that helps you be you.

The Large Jhumkas for a Traditional Look

You cannot have enough of these sets, we know. Every time you wear a kurta, a salwar, a saree or a lehenga or anything traditional, sometimes otherwise, you have to have a large pair of jhumkas to make yourself feel perfect. These beautiful, antique earrings will tell your story in little peals, every time that you move.

Stunning Pendants that can be worn Anywhere

You know that pendant, the one you wear everywhere because it goes with everything. Here’s one more for that collection. This steampunk pendant is created from old watch parts with a carved butterfly and will make you the talk of town!

Elegant Studs for A Formal Look

When you’re going for a minimalistic yet elegant look, here is a pair of studs that will help achieve that. These earrings are studded with Swarovski crystals for a vibrant, sparkling touch. Give your outfit a touch of colour with this stunning set.

Charming Bracelets that you wear Everyday

Because who doesn’t like crescent moons, flowers and delicate hearts? This alluring bracelet is made for everyday wear, whether your look is formal or casual. It adds a touch of the adorable and lets you let out your infinite charm.

Statement Rings that are all YOU!

Here’s a ring for the bold and the beautiful. This gorgeous ring has everything going for it, bright colours, beautiful embedded stones, parts from a 17th Century French Fusee pocket watch and the charm of vintage style. This incredible ring lets you be yourself in the loudest way possible.

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