Handcrafted And Heartfelt gifts From Aboli This Mother’s Day


ABOLI – For handcrafted and heartfelt gifts

When every piece of jewellery has a soul and a story to tell, it looks very much like Aboli!

Express your undying love for the most special lady in your life – your beloved mother by engraving your eternal affection on these outstanding pieces of jewellery handmade with painstaking attention and intense passion by icustommadeit’s creator, Aboli.

Drawn to details and driven by the desire for custom made jewels, our talented creator effortlessly manoeuvres pliers, beads and chains to shape her master pieces with splendid craftsmanship.

Vowed to deliver enriching personalized gifts, she customizes necklaces, bracelets, earrings and many more trinkets by beautifully carving your heartfelt messages, beloved’s name or important dates on them.

This Mother’s Day, gift your mom an exhilarating memory or a loving message etched delicately on a customized ornament and watch her million-dollar smile light up her angelic face.

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