DIY Design Applets – The What, The How and The Why

The What

The world of e-commerce is moving forward, from stock products to customization and personalization; and from the latter to design applets. The basic concept of design applets is that it allows you to create your own products from scratch. It lets you create your own fashion, bringing in the latest trends to add your own personalized touch. allows you to design you own products in the following categories: Bags, Luggage Tags Shoes, Shoe Bags, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Jeans, Tee Shirts, Dresses, Skirts, Tops, Jewellery, Lamps, Mugs, Tea, Children’s Story Books, Mobile Covers, Laptop Skins and Pen Drives.

The How

Here is a step-by-step explanation of how to use our design applets. We have used the t-shirt designing applet for this example.

1. On the website, select Tee Shirts under the Design Your Own tab. >> Design Your Own >> Apparel >> Tee Shirts

2. On the right hand side, you can pick the colour of your tee shirt. You can also decide on quantity. There are options to let you view your finished product, zoom, share and select all. There are also language options for our international customers.

3. Select Add Text to personalize your tee-shirt.

4. Select size, font, style and alignment in the box. You can also use the tools on next to the actual text to move the text to the position you want. There are also navigation tools on the right, above the delete button. Make sure to save your design using the save button on the top right side. There is a delete button on the right to let you start over.

5. Select Add Art to use our existing designs.

6. After selecting your design, you can customize the size and colour.

7. If you already have an image that you want on the shirt, select the ‘Upload Image’ button below the ‘Add Art’ button on the left.

8. You can also create jersey-style tee shirts (single products or in bulk) with our Name & Number option.

9. Once you are sure of your design, please select the quantity and proceed to checkout.

The Why

Why use a design applet to create your own products? The answer is obvious. It lies in being able to get exactly the type of product you want. Design applets take customization to a whole new level. It lets you see your design, place text and more, exactly where you want it. You get to create your own product; your own fashion and the best part is that it is as unique as you are. You get to have something that is all your own and know that you created it, from scratch. It is so much better than stock products and buying off the shelf because these customized and personalized products celebrate you. What are you waiting for? Check out NOW!

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