Customize Your Living Room With These Five Brilliant Ideas

Customize Your Living Room

It’s true that the vibes and pleasant feelings borne out of its people make any house a home. But what also can’t be denied is the fact that a personalized home décor provides a better stage for a wondrous home-living, which eventually becomes a part of one’s memory bank. However, any home décor related conversation would fall flat if the face of any home, the living room, goes without a significant mention. Living room plays multiple functional roles in one’s home, ranging from being a formal seating space for your guests to the comfy place where you can kick back with a bowl of popcorn. And so, it is only vital that the atmosphere of your living room is always inviting. Keeping up with the same tune, we bring to you five brilliant ideas that can customize your living room, giving it a life of its own. Take cues, you!

  1. The power of a punch of colours

 punch of colours

Be it the haphazard arrangement of brightly coloured cushions, or a bold and bright armchair owning the air. A play of colours from a simple colour palette lends personality to a living space.

  1. Lend a character to your living room by mixing furniture of different interior styles. Experimentation is the key!

mixing furnitureFurniture infuses style and function into a living space. Before you get on with furniture shopping, decide on the character you want your living space to pull off, and then choose your unique furniture elements accordingly. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Also, break away from placing your furniture along the walls, and bring it to the centre. Sticking to just a single furniture style will eventually get you bored of your own living room. So, mix it up!

While building a character for your living room, be sure not to compromise on the living room’s integral quality of comfort.

For example- An effortlessly stylish side table cum magazine holder placed on the side of a generously cushioned carving sofa, not only makes your living room more liveable, but also lends a unique touch to the décor.

  1. Cushion it up real nice.

Cushion it up Colourful cushions add spunk to a monochrome furniture theme and infuse life into the space. Keeping aside the already talked about cushion-colour play, let’s focus on the size factor. Yes, you can stick to a similar colour theme, say a vivid green, but create drama with cushions of varying sizes and shapes placed together.  Place them on the rug, on the divan, sofas; it makes the space look interesting, snuggly and inviting. Read more about how cushions brighten up our home here.

  1. Every customized living room should have art on the walls.

art on the walls

Deck up yours with personalized wall arts set in differently sized frames. Or create an imposing statement with a grid of similarly sized frames. You can also give an artistic theme to a select area of the wall with wall stickers & decals. A well-done wall adds a drama to the space, enlivens it, and enhances the feel of the character set by the furniture.

  1. Set the mood, turn on the lamps.


Lamps lend the finishing touch to a stylized living room and give you the feels. You would be amazed to find out just how many species of lamps that exist. From an Italian décor lamp with hints of Gold for your side table to a standard tall lamp with a designer shade for your sofa side, to even an artistic bottle with fairy lights inside placed at the corner of the rug.  Lamps bring along endless creative décor ideas.

These are just a few from the sea of ideas that can turn your living room into the heaven of your home. And to shop for unique living room décor elements, don’t miss browsing through iCustomMadeIt.


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