Best Of 2015!!

Fashion Trends that were famous in 2015!!

2015 was a great year for fashionistas. From Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lawrence to our very own Sonam Kapoor, all the stars defined their fashion sense in a much broader and classy way. Let us look at some of the best fashion trends of 2015:

  1. Moccasins:

The year 2015 was all about saying a big no to high heels. Comfort outweighed everything else and as a result, it was a year of the flats. Moccasins became the hot new style of flat shoes, replacing ballerinas and sneakers. They were popular across genders and different age cohorts. Available in all funky colors, one can pair them up with simple jeans, trousers or a cute dress.

Moccasins For Women
  1. Sling Bags:

Big, over-sized, uneasy to carry shoulder totes were replaced by comfortable sling bags. Again, comfort ruled supreme and the versatility of sling bags trumped other styles. Paired with everything, from trousers,shorts to skirts and dresses, they look smart and chic.

Stylish Sling Bags
Stylish Sling Bags
  1. Mobile Accessories:

When our smart phones became an extension of ourselves, its natural that mobile accessories should become the next fashion statement.  Customized mobile cases were all the rage in 2015. From raunchy mobile covers to cute mobile stickers, this market simply took off in a big way. Various stores hired special mobile accessory designers to meet the surging demand.

Flag Engraved Bamboo iPhone Case
Flag Engraved Bamboo iPhone Case
  1. Leather Jackets:

Inspired from Bollywood and American TV series, the leather frenzy reached India in 2015. Winter Season saw leather jackets everywhere. From men to women, old and young, almost everyone owned a leather jacket this winter.

Men's Leather Jackets
Men’s Leather Jackets
  1. Funky stoles:

Colorful mismatched stoles were the fad of 2015. Pairing monotone tees and pants with a chic stole, could make you stand out of the crowd. These stoles added a finishing touch to your whole look. Being an affordable and low-maintenance accessory, these were a favorite with college goers and the young crowd. One could own them in a multitude of designs and colors to add a new zing to their outfits every day.

  1. Mom- n- me:

With almost all Bollywood actresses doing ads with their moms, the fashion industry came up with their own mom and me coordination game. The trend of mother – daughter matching their outfits floated wide and far in the fashion world in India and globally in 2015.

So this was our 2015 report! Stay tuned for more!

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