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Quality at an affordable price is the song sung by all e-commerce establishments today. With so many players in the market, there is no dearth of options. Everyone with a website, a warehouse and delivery boys claim that they bring you high quality at a cheap price. They are playing on the idea that luxury always has to be expensive. Anything that is rare or custom-made is always assumed to be overpriced or unattainable. That may have been true in the past. But today, people are striving to stand out, more than ever. With urbanization and the increase in job availability, more people can afford products that were previously impossible. Quality of life has become a major factor in everyone’s decision making. And it is this demand for quality and uniqueness at an affordable price that our website seeks to meet.

In a world that is teeming with brands of all kinds, we are told that quality comes at a high price. And that somehow, if a product is not very highly priced, it cannot be luxurious or of high quality. With ‘trusted brands’, we compromise. We assume their fame equals quality and we settle for their machine-produced product, of which there are a million. But no one seems to stop for a second and think about the fact that quality can comes at a price that isn’t out of this world.

Custom, hand-made, unique products are always disqualified from the get go because people always assume that they are unaffordable. Unfortunately, people also get a sense of worth and respect from the brands they wear. But the question here is would you rather get a few seconds of respect from people you are unlikely to see again or would you rather know for yourself that the product is unique, of the finest quality and created by the hands of a talented craftsman?

People are starting to ask questions as to why they should spend so much on a so-called ‘luxury’ brand? Luxury products through the ages have stood on the premise of excellence and rarity. The company creates a great product but very few and charges an exorbitant rate. Since only a few can afford it and it is seen among the high-flying elite, this brand becomes a luxury brand that only caters to a few.

But why should only a few people have access to great quality? Why are luxury products made in few numbers with limited access to get a feel of uniqueness? The work of talented craftsmen combined with customization brings the same result. There is no need to limit access for a product to define luxury. Our website seeks to bring luxury out of the closets of a special few and make it an attainable ideal. Using a direct sales model, ICustomMadeIt collaborates with creators to bring affordable luxury straight to your doorstep. We seek to bring to the fore, craftsmen who have been left behind by the traditional luxury brands. Those whose art is not considered as art.

With healthy, direct relationships with creators, we are able to create a sustainable association that results in unique, handmade products made accessible to everyone. Instead of machine-made products that have to constantly be replaced and changed, these products stand the test of time. In the end, these products are worth the spend because they last. You actually end up saving on all those times that you would have paid to replace a ‘branded’ product. The markup of the luxury brand model is about 8x times the production price including the costs (x 2) for Brand, (x 1.5) for Marketing and (x 3) for Retail, approximately. This is where we differ from these brands. With a direct model, there is only a small percentage added to the original base price, before it is directly sold to the customer.

At our website, the old and new join for a union of ideas and ideals, creating unique products that cannot be found elsewhere. Watches that have miniature-styled paintings of old on the dials and hand-stitched shoes using today’s PU leather with traditional designs are just two examples of this uniqueness, of which there are plenty. There is a customized product for everyone, one that makes them feel special and important. We aim to make sure they find it here. Luxury is finally becoming a household name. Speaking of which, we are pleased to announce that some big names in the fashion and other industries are seeking to partner with us to source products from artisans that we work with. Keep a watch on our social media and our website, luxury is coming your way!

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