Beautifully Handcrafted Diaries for 10 Creative Personality Types

Handcrafted Diaries


For some of us, writing is the only medium through which we can scream out, cry out, or happily chirp out. Simply speaking, writing is the only way through which some of us can express our loud minds that otherwise stay sensibly quiet in front of the rest of the world. And for those secretly vocal ones, here goes a list of creative hand-crafted diaries. Each one of these is especially designed to suit your creative type.

So, read along to find which diary suits you best, and maybe even pick one?

1. Star Wars Geeks

Star Wars Geeks

The perfect accompaniment for Star Wars Maniacs who collect every possible knick-knack connected to their all-time favourite movie franchise.

  1. True Blue Photographers

True Blue Photographers

Although they like to capture their thoughts in pictures, this diary would be the best bet for the times they want to put their pencils to paper.

  1. Zen Masters

Zen Masters

A personal notes-keeper for meditative spiritualists who manage to take everything in their stride and still radiate an aura of peace.

  1. Macho Philosophers

Macho PhilosophersThey are hard on the outside, but softies on the inside. This is a great diary for them to jot down their deepest philosophical theories.

  1. Organic Health Freaks

Organic Health FreaksVegans, raw food eaters, organic only and all other kinds of health freaks – maintain your grocery lists and food diary in this perfect little notebook.

  1. Nature Lovers

Nature LoversAll their vacation trips are safari trips or some kind of nature escapades. Naturally, this is an apt diary in which to list down their itinerary!

  1. Manga Obsessives

Manga Obsessives Japanese pop culture is rather fascinating. We know Manga lovers are quite fanatic about it too, so here’s presenting another add-on to their Manga collection!

  1. Hipster Millennials

Hipster MillennialsYou can spot them from a mile away – Millennials have a distinct look and even more distinct personalities. They like very specific things, and this diary is sure to be one of them.

  1. Symmetric Thinkers

Symmetric ThinkersThey think in lines and shapes, love architecture and have an appreciation for mechanics. A good combination of left and right brain, Symmetric Thinkers would love to capture their visions in this notebook.

  1. Love Preachers

    Love Preachers

Looking at the world through rose-tinted glasses, Love Preachers write poetry, dabble in haiku and adore Rumi quotes. This is the right diary for them to pen all of those.

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