9 Ways To Honour Ganpati This Ganesh Chaturthi

Besides the grace and blessings of the elephant-headed God, Ganesha, Ganesh Chaturthi brings along some major festive vibes that keep the devotees entranced for ten days that follow. From installing Ganapati idols at home to carrying out resplendent processions teamed with soul-stirring sounds of pakhawaja (mridang) and jhaanjh (cymbal), Ganesh Utsav is celebrated with immense glory and dazzle in India. Maintaining the same zesty festive spirit, we bring to you our own special 9 ways you can honour Ganapati this Ganesh Chaturthi with.

1. Gift Ganapati Idols And Share Prosperity, Success, Good Luck With Your Loved Ones


Instead of harming marine life with the immersion of Plaster of Paris idols, indulge in the practice of gifting Ganapati idols, thus, in a way sharing good luck and prosperity that Ganapati is known to bring. This impeccable marble statue of a relaxing Ganesha is brightly coloured and is perfect for gifting purposes.

2. You Can Also Gift Majestic Crystal Ganesha

Crystal Ganesha

The magnificence of crystal and Ganesha is combined to create this spellbinding product. This gift will surely leave your loved ones feeling special.

3. Make Ganapati A Part Of Your Daily Life… And Calls.


This Ganesh Chaturthi, as you get busy making calls to fix the facilities in the public pandal, stay blessed by the almighty throughout with this artful mobile case cover, exhibiting a splendid art of Ganapati.


4. Wear Ganesha T-Shirt When You Carry on The Celebrations With Your Troop

Ganesha T-Shirt

Your entire troop can slip into Ganapati themed t-shirts as you perform plays or/and dance sequences in your society during the celebrations.


5. Wear Ganesha Dangler Earrings Till Visarjan Day

Ganesha Dangler Earrings

Exhibiting Ganesha carving, these oxidized silver danglers will add a naturally rustic charm to your daily look. Celebrate Ganesh Utsav in style this year by keeping these on until it’s time to say “see you next year” to the deity. It could be your own special way of honouring Ganapati this time around.

6. Dress Luxuriously By Adorning Your Neck With Gold Ganapati Pendant


Gold Ganapati Pendant


Submit your whole being to the joyous and high-spirited festivities. The Gold finish of the pendant gives it a rich look which blends well with the opulent celebrations. A great way to adorn yourself with the grace of deity for the evening festivities at the pandals and for visiting family and friends on the occasion.

7. Install A On Your Entrance This Ganesh ChaturthiGanesha Name Plate


Bless your home with Ganesha’s presence by decorating your abode’s entrance with this Ganapati sculpture name plate. And what could be a better day to give your home entrance a boost of positivity and a welcoming look than the auspicious day of Ganesh Chaturthi?

8. Give A Natural Touch To Your Home Decor With Eco-Friendly Lanterns

Eco-Friendly Lanterns

Instead of decking up your house with multiple strings of artificial lights, give a natural touch to the decor of your abode this Ganesh Chaturthi with eco-friendly lanterns, crafted using paper waste.

9. Gift The Ganapati Man Of Your House This Gold Ganesha Pendant

Gold Ganapati Pendant

Be it the way he eats, or the way his belly reverberates when he laughs, or his infectious intelligence, we all have that one person in our circle who in one way or the other reminds us of the fascinating deity. Humour them up and make them feel special with this plush Gold Ganapati pendant.

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