8 Ways to Say, “MOM, I LOVE YOU!”

8 Ways to Say, “MOM, I LOVE YOU!”

Mother, mama, mom, mommy call her with any name, they all represent her immortal role of nurturing and caring. A mother’s love is deeper than the depth of sea, it is precious and beyond comparison. She is the pillar of strength and lays the foundation of our life. And it’s not every day that you can grab an opportunity to show her how much you care. Express your love this Mother’s Day in the most special way possible with these exclusively crafted gifts for your darling mom

1. Jewelry



Diamond Marvels

Diamond is precious and so is your mother. Exquisite diamonds studded jewelry is an unbeatable way to express your love for her. The cut and clarity of diamonds is immaculate and delivers a vibe of dignified tradition. This accessory is an epitome of beauty and is created with sheer brilliance. Gift a pair of diamond earrings or a subtle diamond choker to your lovely mother and rest assured to receive her million-dollar smile as a return gift.

Terracotta Sets

Patience is the biggest virtue of a mother and the kiln crafted terracotta jewelry exemplifies the eternal endurance of hers. Crafted with utmost precision and patience of an artisan, our terracotta sets are perfect to complement her ethnic and casual looks. Surprise her with a creative piece and she will certainly pat your back for this stunning choice.

Kundan Creations

A mother is majestic and queenly, why not let her feel this royal charm. Take your pick from the various designs of magic of pearls, grace of corals or other precious gems combined with the evergreen appeal of Kundan. These beautiful pieces are absolute imperial choices. Make her slip one of these gorgeous pieces of jewelry on with sarees, kurtis and formal blousons for an exclusively sophisticated appearance.

Handcrafted Earrings

Earrings frame a woman’s face, lending her a delicate magnetism. This Mother’s Day, gift your mom a pair that is as rare as she is. An immense amount of sheen enthralled with intricate carvings on an antique brass pair or a subtle, simple design – pick her favourite object d’art and make her gush with delight!

2. 3D Selfie Sculptures

3D Selfie Sculptures

Astonish your mom with her very own 3D selfie sculpture and rejoice that lovely bewildered response of hers. A life-like 3D figurine is the best way to say how much you miss her when she is not around. Get this uniquely crafted creation in an attractive bespoke wooden packaging engraved with avant-garde casing.

3. Apparel


Simple, elegant and charismatic or embellished with embroidery, appliques and motifs, revive the fashion diva look of your gorgeous mother by gifting her stunning designer apparel this Mother’s Day. Whether she prefers a sophisticated look for the office or likes indulging in a glamorous wardrobe for her travel adventures and evening soirees, you can find and even customize something to match exactly with her unique personality.

4. Clutch Bags

Clutch Bags

A bag is a quintessential accessory to complete a look. An exquisite bag is a fashion statement for any woman. These amazingly crafted bags are exceptionally great gifts for your doting mother. Choose your pick from the lovely handmade floral appliqué clutch or a classy leather strap on clutch. Make them bespoke and exclusively crafted for the most special lady in your life.

5. Customized Mobile Cases

Customized Mobile Cases

Present her these mesmerizing mobile cases seized in breathtaking designs. Delicately fashioned in henna designs and boosted with 3D printing, this armor elegantly protects the mobile and is a visual treat to the eyes. If you have your own ideas, let us know and get the customized version especially created for your beloved mom.

6. Custom Shoes

Custom Shoes

A customized pair of shoes is the best gift a woman can ever receive. Shower your sweetie mommy with one of these bespoke pairs. Enhanced with striking colors in chic design, this accessory will be a valuable addition to her wardrobe. They are made to lift her festive mood with gleaming sheen and cute add ons.

7. Kettle Sets

Kettle Sets

Those long lazy talks and gossip sessions are incomplete without a delectable cup of steamy hot tea. Let your darling mama pour that streaming cup of goodness with superbly crafted marvelous tea kettles. Irresistibly alluring colors are beautifully splashed to glorify the look of this set. Make it a Mother’s Day memento and you are sure to be titled as the best kid in her next kitty party.

8. Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry Boxes

A jewelry casket to a woman is like a best friend who stocks all her secrets. Bestow her with the most beautiful best friend this Mother’s Day. Handmade out of Eco-friendly wood and painted in terrific portraits of Krishna, peacock and such, they dispense an aura of vintage charm. Magnify the elegance of her dressing table without needing to break the bank!

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