7 Ways to Use Cozy Cushions to Brighten Up Your Home

Cozy Cushions

No holiday is complete if not spent resting tired bones in absolute comfort. Just sink your head into a soft cushion, hold up your favourite book, and the company of soothing music in the background will make you feel like you are God’s only loved child. From bean bags in living space to neck pillows on a taxing flight to even one sitting pretty on the couch, cushions make our lives more than just comfortable. But did you know these snuggly things can also help enliven the mood of your house? Here goes 7 ways you can use cozy cushions to brighten up your home.

1. Have fun arranging cushions on the sofa

Cushion on the sofa

The number of cushions you want on your sofa depends on what kind of feel you want the room to emit. If you want your space to ooze warmth, cushion up the sofa real nice. And if you want it to exude elegance, placing one on each seat or just one placed alongside each arm of the sofa is a great idea.


2. Experiment with different colours & shapes

Coloured cushions

For example – Adding a lime yellow cushion to a series of soothing white and grey cushions will make the arrangement look more interesting. Buy cushion covers of different colours and experiment!  You can also make your arrangement eye-catching by placing cushions of varying shapes on your sofa.


3. Brighten up a dull corner

Corner Cushions

Place a brightly coloured body-size cushion in one of the corners. This would add an instant boost to the visual appeal of your home. Plus, it will be a tempting ground seating solution!


4. Make your bean bags look pretty

Bean Bag cushion

Sure, bean bags are largely for comfort. But, who says you can’t experiment with their looks? Adding a small bright cushion or, one with a striking digital print to a solid black chair will instantly light up its appearance and provide you with amplified comfort.


5. Pile them up on your bed

Bed Cushions

Haphazardly arranged cushions, in addition to pillows, keep your bed looking comfy and inviting. Try not to use cushion covers that match your bedsheets, that’s just no fun. Keep the arrangement looking fascinating by choosing cushion covers of contrasting colours.


6. Adorn your carpet


Floor Cushion

Give your living space an Moroccan touch by decorating the ground seating with differently sized cushions. You can deck up your carpet with large cushions, covered in silk cases of vibrant colours. This will lend a rich yet comfortable look to your living space.


7. Make your reading chair look welcoming



Reading Chair

Just the idea of a comfy armchair made beautiful with a contrasting coloured cushion is arresting enough. Addition of a cushion won’t just make the chair look more appealing, but will also give you relaxing reading times.

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