6 Types of Bags For Women to Oomph Their Office Fashion

Let’s face it. When it comes to picking the right bag for office, we are often clueless and end up pairing our chic work outfits with the same old bags that are nowhere as stylish. But all you ladies out there, fret not, for now you’ve got help at hand.

We present  6 different types of bags for women to oomph their office fashion. From the conventional to slightly offbeat, we have it all covered. Just have a look and see if one catches your fancy.

1.  Chic Leather Backpack

chic-leather-backpack If you thought backpacks were meant for kids alone, think again! This chic work-friendly backpack is sure to earn you brownie points for your style. And considering that the bag has room for all your stuff and some more, what’s not to love? Pair it with your regular office wear to make a statement at the workplace.


2. Large Cabin Shoulder Bag

About to set off on office tour? A carry-all cabin shoulder bag is all you need to travel in style. This one in monochrome from our Cabin Collection spells ‘effortlessly chic’.


3. Tan Handbag with Classy Metal Work

This leather bag is the perfect choice when it comes to making a subdued yet sophisticated style statement at work. The neutral colour works well for the office and the compact design makes it extremely practical.


4. De Moda Cross Body Satchel

Who said workplace fashion should be limited to neutrals? Go vibrant with this maroon satchel handbag and create a unique style statement. Pair it with shoes in a similar hue to add a touch of colour to your neutral office attire.


5. Hobo Style Tan Handbag

A fusion of the tote and the hobo, this is a unique design crafted in fine leather. The neutral colour makes it a perfect choice for office. Flaunt it for a style statement that is conventional with a contemporary twist.


6. Yellow Shoulder Bag

Wish to pour your sunshine personality into your workplace fashion? This canary yellow shoulder bag is a great way to add a pop of bright colour without going overboard. To keep things understated, make sure to pair it with a neutral outfit and you’re ready to go!

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