5 Awesome Custom-made Gifts for your Sister

custom-made gifts

Every sister is special. That much is obvious. It is an awesome time to go about troubling your sibling with your parent’s approval. After all, you hold all aces since you are the one doing the gifting!

Why not have some fun with it then? Here are a couple of ideas for custom-made gifts that are bound to get you a whole lot hugs with a couple of smacks thrown in mix. Your sibling is going to love you and hate you at the same time. That much we guarantee. Are you ready?

Then here we go!


Custom-made Gift #1: Bespoke USB Mini 16 GB

custom-made gift , USB

Why not play a bit of a guessing game?

After messing around with your sister a little over not getting her anything, mess with her a little more! Make her guess what this little beautiful crafted wonder is. She is about to be running all over the place thinking jewellery, antique box, antique clock. But the last thing she is going to expect it to turn out be is a USB drive and a 16 GB one at that! And could not need a USB these days?

A gift that she can use and show off at the same time. You can forget about having to do any chores around the house for quite some time.

Custom-made Gift #2: Handcrafted Jewellery

custom-made gift, Toe ring, jewellery

I bet you are wondering what is so different about gifting jewellery. You have probably got your siblings tonnes of jewellery. But the demands for more seem to be never ending!

We say, buy them rings. Just don’t buy them the rings, they are expecting. This toe ring here is the perfect form you revenge! You give them a beautiful handcrafted gift in silver and at the same time have the pleasure of not giving them exactly want they want. Can it get better than this?!

Once she stops wanting to hit you, she will love you for giving her such a beautiful and unique gift.

Custom-made Gift #3: Mother of Pearl Exclusive Chess Design Jewellery Box

custom-made gift, jewellery box

Notice how this looks like a chess box? In most cases, your sister is most likely not a chess fan. If that is the case, then why not make her it think you have brought her a game of chess? Let her mope around a bit. You can tell after sometime that it is actually a jewellery box! Can you see how her face is going to light up at that? We can!

And if you are feeling extra generous, then you can add some jewellery in that jewellery box too. And you know where you find some really cool stuff? Right here!

The good news is that we can custom make pretty much anything and everything that you can think off. Anything she wants can be made hers!

Custom-made Gift #4: Kundan Stilettos

custom-made gift, shoes, woman footwear

One of the other things that a sibling never seems to stop asking for, is new footwear. I mean women and footwear cannot be separated ever. We again say, give her stilettos like asked. But here is your chance to make sure that they aren’t the regular off the rack stuff. This is perfect the season to go Indian and this pair is made just for that. What is in it for you? Apart from the obvious glee that your sibling is going to feel, the pleasure of pulling her leg about it!

Custom-made Gift #5: Maroon Potli Bag

custom-made gift, bags, potli bag

Another little thing that your sister will never stop asking for.

This potli bag will certainly stun your sister pleasantly. When she notices the beautiful work on this traditional maroon, she is going to be thanking you for such a perfect gift for the coming festive seasons! There is nothing like having the perfect bag to go with all her traditional outfits.


So what are you getting your sister for Rakshabandhan?

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