4 TERI MAA KI Qualities that we must admire this Women’s Day

Teri maa is a lot of things rolled into one. She can make every trouble seem insignificant with just a warm hug. Her smile can make the darkest day seem brighter. She is a superwoman who juggles multiple roles with ease and we often forget that just one or two days is not enough to celebrate her awesomeness with special gifts. While we love to talk of the amazing feats she pulls off, we don’t talk of the qualities that make us unsure of whether to laugh or cry. In all honesty, these qualities should be admired. They are developed over time and practice with every member of the family in varying levels and to varying effects.

Emotional Attyachaar – “Han sab meri hi toh galti hai!”

No one can beat your mom in terms of emotional blackmail. She probably is that good because she practised on your father first and by the time you reached the age where you could understand, you were next. Never underestimate the things you can be artfully manipulated into — it ranges from going down the road to the sabziwala to marrying Renu Aunty’s angelic beti, Pari (With a name like that, could she be less perfect?) Even if her drama and emotional blackmail is driving you up the wall, literally and figuratively, keep telling yourself that she’s doing it because it makes her feel loved and in other cases, she wants the best for you. Would you deny that to your dearest Maa who has raised, fed, clothed and taken care of you for all those years? How can you?

Dramatic Level 1000 – “Mujhe laga tu kidnap ho gaya!!”

What’s life without a little drama? By little, we mean tons of it. The drama ties in with the emotional blackmail but it also extends everywhere else. The first example is when you’re late. When you’re 5 minutes late, the freak-out begins. If it extends beyond 20 minutes, you’re either kidnapped or dead. She told you not to be friends with that person, see what happened? Another example is when you were 10 and you wanted to stay over at a friend’s place. Pretty normal, right? But what does Mummyji say? “Haan, jao jao.” You’re happy but it’s short-lived. The next sentence will be “Why don’t you move there? Tell your friend’s mom to adopt you.” You should learn these passive-aggressive skills at being overdramatic from your mom. Life is definitely more lively with it.

Overworked Forgetful Maaa – “Hotel mein nahi rehte ho tum!”

We agree with her on this one. She does run the house and treat you like royalty so she does get to say that when you don’t want to go get something from the market. “Maaaaaaa…” Isn’t that the most heard sound in every Indian household? Everyone calls her at all times for everything from wanting nimbu paani at odd times of the day to finding your favourite shirt that you have no idea where you left. And somehow, she always knows the how, where, why and what of everything including why Sharmaji’s beta is getting more marks than you. (He watches less TV than you, she’s right) With all of this information stored and readily available, there are bound to be times when she forgets. Remember this the next time she calls you by your brother’s name or yells everyone’s name one by one until she gets the right one.

Forever Hopeful Maa – “Mera beta engineer banega…”

In a world of cynicism, you have to admire the tenacity of your mom. She always believes that you will make it somewhere big. Though she doesn’t say it as often you would like to hear it, you know that she always has your back. She will always be waiting in the wings for her children to be the best. You may not agree with her dreams or might find her pushiness in terms of what she thinks you should be doing, downright annoying. While she may not get why you decided to do something or why you’ve joined a field that is not engineering or medicine, you know that she still thinks that you are the absolute best or that you will be it someday. Might take a while, but someday. (You see, we’re catching up on the passive-aggression)


This Women’s Day, show teri maa how much you care!

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