3D Printing: The Next Big Thing

3D Printing

Have you ever imagined holding your own clone figurine in your hands or printing jewellery out of a regular seeming printer? This might have sounded crazy couple of decades back, but now 3D printing has made it possible to materialize your fancies.

Once used to create thrilling effects in movies, this technology had spread its wings in all the walks of life. Let us take you through the bizarre yet jaw dropping 3D miracles that will soon change the very core of human consumption.

1. Selfie Obsession

Selfie Obsession

Started with rear camera, reached on peak with front camera and gained its momentum with selfie stick. Now it’s the time to take your selfie fever a level ahead. Convert your favourite selfies into 3D sculpture to fall in awe with yourself. Create another me with all the minutest details and finesse.

2. Live Your Lifetime Fancies

Live Your Lifetime Fancies

Aston Martin, Lamborghini, BMW if these machines trip you over and you can’t keep your eyes off them, then you must get your hands on the 3D replica of your lifetime fancies. Grab it, play with it or live your James Bond thrill of crashing a 1960 Aston Martin DB5 just for fun. Build your own fleet of hybrid cars and bikes through 3D scanner and printer.

3. Sky High Heels

Sky High Heels

3D printed high heels is one of the hottest trend this season. You wondering who wore it first, Jet Bussemaker Dutch minister of education, innovation and science. Designed by designer Troy Nachtigall in collaboration with fashion designer Pauline van Dongen and industrial designer Leonie Tenthof van Noorden. These futuristic shoes are creating buzz in the fashion world, however, still not in the reach of the masses.

4. 3D Sculpture

3D Sculpture

Missing someone special or want to admire your role model. Convert them into life like 3D sculpture. 3D scanner closely captures the finest of details of the object from different angles and then prints it layer by layer with perfection to create the exact replica.

5. Decision Maker

 Decision Maker

Before investing a fortune in any project, a smart businessman would always want to weigh the stakes of getting success out of it. 3D industrial models and blueprints are the best instruments for prototyping and offer an opportunity to test the look and feel the product before it is manufactured in real.

6. Seize Your Memories Forever

Seize Your Memories Forever
Capturing those “aww” moments of little munchkins for ever is like a dream come true for any parent. Like when they take their first steps or draw something with their tiny hands and you want to preserve these moments for your entire life. Now convert your child’s footprints and handprints into 3D sculpture to make them an artefact, which will stay with you forever.

7. Android Mania

Android Mania

Grabbing a Bugdroid is one of the biggest fancies of android maniacs. Get your hands on these 3D sculpted Bugdroids or even better, personalise them with custom themes to express yourself. Using 3D editor, you can accessorize these cute little mascots with hats, caps, ties, bowties, goggles, shields. Customize their height, colour, add tattoos and even change the way they are posing.

8. Digital Dentistry

Digital Dentistry
Modern day dentists swear by digital dentistry, it has made their life simple. With 3D printer doing all the hard work, dental labs can accurately and efficiently produce bridges, stones and models.

9. 3D Fetus

3D Fetus

Motherhood is the best gift a woman is blessed with. Seize those golden moments of pregnancy by converting your ultrasound into 3D fetus sculpture. This is a unique way to share the greatest excitement and happiness with your family and friends. Wish we could see that happily surprised and gasping expression of yours when you hold the replica of your “yet to be born” little one.

10. 3D Printed Bikinis

3D Printed Bikinis

Last but not the least, 3D printed bikinis, the ideal swimwear with superb comfort level, these hi-tech bikinis are crafted from strong and flexible Nylon 12. The fabric renders more comfort when exposed to water. Hit the beach with this futuristic bikini on and you are sure to grab all the attention.

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