3D Printing: All You’ve Got To Do Is Imagine!

Those tales of fairies waving magic wands to give shape to little children’s imagination never cease to fascinate us, isn’t it? We all love to indulge in the world of our imagination and dream of bringing our creative ideas to life. If only … we wonder. Well, not anymore, for 3D printing makes it all possible!

For starters, it is the process of creating three dimensional solid objects from a digital file or its virtual 3D model. An additive process, it involves creation of an object by laying down several thin layers of plastics and others materials, in succession.

We at iCustomMadeIt believe that 3D printing can let your imagination carve your creations like never before. We have created the 3D World of Design that offers an array of possibilities when it comes to using this path-breaking technology to create unique stuff with a fine precision. Be it gifts, mementos, miniature figurines, or personalized phone covers, you can find it all and more! Here’s a sneak peek …

1. 3D Miniature Pet Figurine


Whether you are inspired by Mark Zuckerberg to surprise your pooch with a cute 3D miniature figurine on his/her birthday or you simply wish to immortalize the special presence of your beloved pet in your life, getting a 3D miniature figurine is a great idea. Did we just hear a happy Beast bark in approval?


2. 3D Miniature Couple Figurine

The cherished moments spent with that special person in your life can be truly priceless – the stolen glances, the first date, the first dance, the proposal…Why not freeze these fleeting occasions to remind you of them when life gets busy? Go ahead and preserve the romance in your life forever!


3. 3D Miniature Superhero Figurine

Have you always been an ardent fan of superheroes? Well, we are here to make your ultimate superhero dream come true – have your face modelled on to your favourite superheroes’ body in a realistic 3D figurine and let the world admire your enthusiasm!


4. 3D Embossed Photograph

Freeze your priceless moments in time or get your favourite selfies in 3D, with 3D Embossed Photographs! Can’t get better than this, can it? So, capture the memories for you to cherish or gift it to a loved one.


5. 3D Signature iPhone Cover

Your signature is your identity, so carve this unique identity of yours on a 3D mobile cover. A 3D structure crafted with perfection to display your signature in three dimensional way, this is the ultimate personalized style statement.


6. Special Occasions in 3D

Looking to surprise a loved one who has recently graduated? Or looking for a unique gift for your spouse on your first wedding anniversary? Well, go for a 3D printed figurine that commemorates the occasion or any special event in your life or that of your loved ones.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore your ideas in 3D printing and we’ll help you bring them to life! Just as Mark Zuckerberg said about his idea of creating a miniature replica of his pet, “I love that we have the technology and culture where people just make things like this for fun.” So, go ahead, imagine, and have fun!


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