13 Ways to Create Magic with Reclaimed Lumber

Reclaimed lumber is one of the latest fads; from restaurants to houses, a lot of designers recreate the rustic mojo with this particular style. Remade from a pre-existing furniture piece, it is truly magical, almost like a phoenix reborn from its ashes.

Without further ado let’s check out the 13 ways  in which you can redesign your house interiors with reclaimed furniture.

Create a unique dining space with an enchanting wall designed with layers of mixed colours of reclaimed wood.

reclaimed wood furniture


Live the rustic charm with an elegant bedroom interior with retrieved lumber.

reclaimed wood furniture


Give a crude and contemporary look to your kitchen shelves with recouped timber.


Or even a snazzy look for that spice shelf.


Explore knowledge the sturdy way with this retro style desk.


Store and display at the same time, add that bohemian touch to your otherwise traditional interiors.

reclaimed wood furniture


On the other hand you can also enjoy an unconventionally traditional center table.

reclaimed wood furniture


Or maybe a rudimentary yet a classical creation.


Recreate useful and tasteful wine racks for vintage collection.


Give a fresh and folksy look to your kitchen with this wood and………

reclaimed wood furniture


………..Compliment it  with a homespun dining table or maybe a ……

reclaimed wood furniture


…………A hillbilly dining table.



Lastly welcome the wonders of recouped lumber even to your bathroom with a chic vanity unit.

reclaimed wood furniture


There are innumerable ideas waiting to be explored, all you have to do is swim free in the sea of creativity and come up with an incredible notion.


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