11 Quirky Products To Bring Fun To Your Life

11 Quirky Products

The easily amused and the eternally bored, the shy ones and the ever-ready singers and dancers, the carefree and the self-obsessed, the easily scared and the thrill-seekers; there’s a weirdo living inside all of us. So in that spirit, we present to you an assortment of fun products that the oddity that you are, will definitely find interesting. Aside from addressing your convenience and comfort needs, these 11 quirky products will add fun to your life!

  1. Multi-talented hot pot mat to make your tea-times interesting


When intact with all 4 jigsaw pieces, it serves as a funky hot pot mat. Each piece can be used as a coaster when detached. Besides serving your table needs, it is also a silly jigsaw puzzle to make your leisure times fun by all means.

  1. A bendable fridge magnet for your Awws and keys

Fridge Magnets


The moustache of this Nathulal fridge magnet is bendable and can hold your important notes, photographs and keys, while looking cute all the time.


  1. This conversation starter of a DiversiTea coffee mug

Coffee Mugs

Snack with your buddies of different ethnicities and poke fun at each other as a unit while sipping away from this fascinating DiversiTea coffee mug.

  1. This merciless wall clock that never lets you forget your reality

Wall Clock

Okay we might be acting like sadists here, but if you think of it, aam aadmi life is, in fact, quite interesting and eventful. Find the funny side of your multi-faceted life as a commoner with this interesting aam aadmi wall clock. The bright colour amplifies the appeal of this quirky time-teller.

  1. A vibrant set of chai cups to have you sipping in style

Tea Cups

And even if the chai goes wrong, you will at the most yech at it, but then a single look at the oh-my-so-pretty cup will calm down your disgust for the thing you just tasted.

  1. This gorgeous kettle you might just find too special to pour stuff in

Tea Kettle

Use it as a décor accessory or store your hot drink in it while you flip through the pages of your favourite novel; this visually delightful kettle is a moment-creator.

  1. This very questionable, whacky, and strangely eerie doll lamp

Doll Lamp


Are you one of those jumpy madcaps who freak out at the sight of silly things? Place this doll lamp on your nightstand and wake up with a jolt every morning, or maybe play a prank on your roomie? But, hey! Babies are better than you. They might just really like this oddity.

  1. A “lamp” that says “Batti gul” is just what the funny oddballs need on their table

Hanging lamp


Live the desi life with this fascinating “Batti Gul” lamp and read your books in the light of irony.

  1. Vibrant wooden lorry for the desi in you


Decorative lorries, alcohol and highways form a very powerful desi trio. Use this quirky wooden lorry as a funky décor element in your house or, to hold beer bottles or other drinks/snacks when pals come over.

  1. Attractive rickshaw-print tote for the proud desi and fun woman

Tote Bags

Cook up unique fashion styles and complement them with a hint of quirk with this fascinating tote bag. Featuring the life of Indian city roads- the auto rickshaws, this tote bag will have you turn heads as a statement maker.

  1. The zebra slip-on sneakers to keep you connected with your cracked side


Zebra stripes on one shoe and the curious animal face on the other, these sneakers are just what you need to slip into, to keep your crazy head satisfied.

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