10 Unique Personalized Gifts To Give This Year

Be it romance on your mind or you want to pamper your loved ones, it’s a bestie’s birthday or your cousin’s wedding, gifts speak the language of emotions that your heart wants to convey. But it’s not easy to find that perfect gift. A gift that seems as thoughtful as it is unique to the spirited personality of the receiver, and something that will be cherished by them for a long time to come. We are sharing 10 unique personalized gifts to give this year that you won’t find anywhere else! Express your affection with our huge and eclectic variety of handcrafted personalized gifts and custom made creations.

1. Customized Chocolates

Chocolates are an all-time favourite and an ideal present of choice for many, but customized chocolates make even better gifts. Rich cocoa taste and gliding smooth texture of handmade bonbons make them one of a kind delicacies. Choose your pick from various flavours like krackle, flakes, butter-scotch, oh-reo orange, oh-reo choco and B-vita. An eye catching packaging is an added advantage

Customized Chocolates

2. Custom Made Watches

Gift your loved-ones one of the custom designed and handcrafted watches by Aion and they will never forget the way you expressed your love. An epitome of elegance, these tailor made watches are designed in awe inspiring aesthetics. Show your warmth by engraving it with their name or a heartfelt message.

Custom Made Watches

3. Music Instruments

Seize the special moments of your near and dear ones with fine tunes of custom made music instruments. A tailor made guitar is a dream come true for a music junkie. Let them unwind the harmonious nodes of bespoke violin or an exquisite piece played on custom-built flute. Select from a wide array of personalised music instruments available on iCustomMadeIt.

Music Instruments

4. Handmade Paintings

Flip on your artistic side and pick an impeccable piece of art for your loved ones. Bestow an aura of class and elegance to make them feel special. An exceptional blend of pigments with vibrant splash of colours doles out a spell of panache. Handpick from a wide range of bespoke contemporary, acrylic, water and oil paintings.

Handmade Paintings

5. Bespoke Tea

Bespoke tea wrapped up in personalized packaging is enough to make your cherished ones feel loved. Let them immerse in the creamy texture, delectable flavor and strong aroma of a hot streaming cup. Customize these splendidly blended teas by choosing a base tea and adding flavors of your choice. It comes in marvelous personalized packaging that is flawlessly stunning.

Bespoke Tea

6. Handmade Jewellery

A gleaming piece of jewellery is perfect to clutch special moments. Bling it up with customized accessories and relish a million-dollar smile of your beloved. Cherry pick from avant-garde and gorgeous collection of handmade jewellery. Carve a touching message on these stunning pieces to make your love immortal.

Handmade Jewellery

7. Realistic 3D Selfies

Nothing is better than gifting these realistic 3D selfies to your family and friends. Transform the favourite selfie of your loved ones into amazing life-like 3d sculptures and be ready to enjoy their astonished face. Our artists will create a 3D modelled replica from images/scan and print a 3D figurine for you.

Realistic 3D Selfies

8. Handmade Bags

Update the fashion diva avatar of your lady by gifting her one of these handcrafted bags. An absolute stunner to rock any outfit and is spotted in versatile shapes and designs. Let them get hold of it for a blazing trendy look. Make them customised to own an exclusive version created for you.

Handmade Bags

9. Printed Umbrellas

Break the gifting stereotype by picking one of these hand painted umbrellas to give to your dear ones. Gift a Godfather print umbrella to your big brother or grab a floral print for your girlfriend or sister. An Audrey Hepburn print is unmatchable for the girl next door.

Printed Umbrellas

10. Customized Bookmarks

Want to gift something extremely unique, try bookmarks for bookworms in your family and peer group. Available in intricate and quirky designs, they make a striking gift for book buffs. Add your personal touch by imprinting a warm message or their names.

Customized Bookmarks

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